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by Miss Lonelyheart

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This is a "straight from vinyl" copy of our 1999 split 7" with the amazing Braille Drivers. It's free and it sounds just like it does on the turntable. So, either enjoy it or deal with it. Either way, thanks for listening!


released October 15, 1999

"What this band contains is the intensity that derives through a contrast of melody that explodes into an exceptional fury of discordant, screamy and brilliant flare then back again. Superb.” Shredding Material

“Melodic alternative post-punk with a killer beat and great vocals that have a DCish sound somewhere between Octopus meeting Dag Nasty” Toxic Flyer Fanzine

“Nice guy guitar rock from Frederick, MD loaded with irresistible hooks and inspired play… brings Superchunk to mind.” Flipside

"A lot of cool guitar melodies and all that pretty stuff that gets young girls all excited" Punk Planet

“(Miss Lonelyheart) may be the most incandescent band from the cultural vacuum of South Central PA. Press play, turn it up and ride the fiery breeze” Trimdon Grange Explosion

“Miss Lonelyheart is an interesting mix of super heavy guitar and sweet vocal harmonies…. a lovely noise, well orchestrated and played.” Shredding Paper

“Like Superchunk playing spin the bottle with Sleater-Kinney, but with more pop sensibility… melodies reminiscent of Paul Westerberg’s Replacement era gems that float over distorted enjoyable chaos” The Rage

“Suprisingly good… lyrically captivating.” Held Like Sound

“Monstrous pop hooks, nice song structures and loud guitars make this band worth the green.” Razorcake.com

“There’s something refreshing about a band that uses such a bare-bones approach.” Basementlife.com

“Miss Lonelyheart nods to it’s punk predecessors and redefines the present emo-indie school of sound” Richmond.com

“Miss Lonelyheart rocks, are limitlessly catchy and play rings around bands with twice as much firepower” Cedar Rapids Gazette

“Miss Lonelyheart reports in with elements as diverse (yet similar?) as Green Day and The Jam featuring a boppy feel and hard straight edge. Schweeet!” Music Monthly

“Miss Lonelyheart falls somewhere between The Replacements, Superchunk and 77 era band The Records” Toxic Flyer

“The pretty but somber melodies layered within Miss Lonelyheart’s often blissfully discordant songs are well complimented by their vocals. But it’s Miss Lonelyheart’s knack for wind-up distorted guitars with nice acoustic fastenings that is most easily appreciated” Spank Zine



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Miss Lonelyheart Frederick, Maryland

Miss Lonelyheart plays hook laden independent guitar rock. The band has been compared to the likes of Mission of Burma, The Replacements, Superchunk and Jawbox; and has shared the stage with Fugazi, Rye Coalition, The French Kicks, Gem & Burning Airlines. They have been active on and off for 20 years. They write original songs about the things they care about and present it without any bullshit. ... more

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